Internet Explorer zero day vulnerability accidentally leaked

A potentially serious security vulnerability in fully patched versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer has been leaked to hackers, a researcher warned over the weekend. Bug leads to arbitrary crashes or extended instruction pointers, of computers running the Internet Explorer browser. That means the computer can be taken over just by clicking a link on the internet or email if Internet Explorer used.. January 2011

Update 2022: Hundreds of other security issues in IE discovered since 2011. While Microsoft introduced Edge browser in 2015 Internet Explorer was discontinued only in Jun 2022. It will still be installed on Windows 10 and 11 in order to maintain compatibility with sites that require Microsoft's legacy web technologies.

How to fix Internet Explorer vulnerability

If you do not use any outdated programs that require Internet Explorer you can partially disable IE in the Internet Properties settings in the Windows 10 Control Panel - Internet Properties by setting all to high.

disable Internet Explorer

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