Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade problems for Free

One of the regular customers, a devoted Windows user, was tempted to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free, who could blame him?

Following the link from official Microsoft email on windows 10 release date, and after some time the downloading and installation process lost access to his computer.

Common Windows 10 problems

Windows 10 upgrade lost all passwords included Windows 7 password to access actual windows. Other wiped passwords are Windows Live Mail and Skype. Only Firefox passwords for websites left intact. Icons no longer recognisable, e.g. I could not find Programs and Features in Control Panel because it looks completely different. Apart from losing passwords Windows 10 disabled antivirus Bitdefender. So after recovering Windows password I had to reinstall antivirus from scratch.

Windows 10 is still missing the familiar and Windows Start menu. So you will have to use Windows Search each time to enable previously installed programs. The question begs, "what happens if you cannot remember what program you have?" I guess this is how Windows will become bloated with redundant programs. Apart from losing passwords and Start Menu and changing taskbar to a creepy black bar, we did not note any 'improvement' in Windows 10, included advertised speed, resembling Windows 7.

Other issues reported caused by Windows 10 upgrade

  • Automatic Updates can get stuck in endless loop. A registry tweak required to fix that.
  • A buggy graphics driver can be forcibly installed causing crashes.
  • A WiFi driver can be forcibly installed, and WiFi connection can be lost, that particular one can happen because of third-party network drivers such as work or business VPN drivers been installed on Windows 7.

The wash-up, the Free Windows upgrade cost the user a couple of hundred dollars. So if you want to support struggling global IT industry, please do upgrade to Windows 10! Our client expected a simple process, at the press of a button, at no cost. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

2015-08-10,  Tags: WindowsComputers