NBN speeds matched cable in 2014

Cable broadband in 2014 vs NBN

Did you know the NBN (National Broadband Network), which we paid 40 billion for, will never be finished? Don't worry; an optical fibre cable already in place delivers lower speeds via regular phone lines using old VDS technology to the end-user. Telstra-Bigpond cable customers could get speeds over cable faster than the proposed NBN (up to 120 Mbit/s) for just an additional $20 per month! BigPond called it a Booster Pack. They have not advertised this fast internet plan anywhere, but BigPond would install the service if you asked. A similar deal existed for Optus cable customers.

Wireless 4G and 5G

As of 2021, Optus wireless or Telstra 4G wireless home broadband internet plans offered speeds of up to 300Mb/s, with 5G providing speeds up to 1000Mbs, all for the same or even lower prices than regular NBN plans. Superfast NBN, with speeds up to 300Mbs, was also available in many Sydney locations, although it came at a higher cost, starting around $120.

NBN today

The NBN generally provides faster ping (latency) and upload speeds than the older cable broadband technology. In a broader view than download speeds, the NBN's technological infrastructure often offers improved response time and the ability to transmit data from the user to the internet (upload speeds). These factors can be important for online gaming, video conferencing, and uploading large files.

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