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Why Manly Electronics ?

  • High technical skills & professional knowledge
  • Fast analysis of complex problems
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Universal repairs for any brand, model and operating platform
  • Comprehensive range of IT & AV services for home and business needs
  • Prompt & reliable service on-site


Manly Electronics specialises in repairing, troubleshooting and resolving all electronic and technical issues related to computer hardware and software, AVs and antennas across a wide range of brands and models such as Dell, HP, Toshiba, Asus, Acer.

Based in Brookvale, in the Northern Beaches district of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, we have been offering on-site and off-site services to both residential and business customers in the Sydney Northern Beaches and Sydney CBD for over ten years. Testimonials..

Computer Repair & IT

apple laptop computer repairs
  • troubleshooting and repairs
  • virus removal
  • computer speed-up
  • hardware upgrades
  • data and system transfer
  • custom-built computers
  • backup solutions
  • network installations, setup, support, WiFi or Ethernet
  • strengthening internet security
  • cloud storage solutions
  • e-mail antispam solutions
  • IT support plans

Keeping your computer running at optimal level requires a regular system clean up. If you are unable to do this yourself or do not have the time, we offer a repair service that can cost as low as $50 and up to hundreds, depending on the type of problem encountered. We can even perform the task remotely and safely within Australia.

We offer full IT support for Mac and PC desktops and laptops across all major brands, including Dell, HP, Toshiba, Asus, Acer and Sony. We aim to fix your computer on the same day, either at our shop at Brookvale or on-site at your Sydney home or office.

Data recovery

  • data files recovery from hard disk drives and damaged external USB drives
  • recovery of files from faulty PC or Mac computers
  • file and program transfer from faulty computer to new computer

In the event your data gets wiped out, don´t panic. Turn off the computer and give us a call. Opening a program or restarting the computer writes data onto the disk, which could cause data to be overwritten and lost forever.

We are able to recover lost, corrupted or deleted files from broken computers, damaged and unresponsive USB and flash memory drives, PC and Mac formatted backup drives. We make every attempt to retrieve your data on the spot or at our shop. more on data recovery..

Network & WiFi Solutions

dual band wifi adsl router

Whether it´s improving a wifi signal, troubleshooting hotspots or installing a network for the home or business, we offer a full range of networking installation and support service, including the configuration of firewall and internet security.

We specialise in installing public WiFi hotspots and, in partnership with WiFiPoint, provide trouble-free WiFi solutions to coffee shops, hotels, fitness centres, caravan parks and other business premises. We provide after-sales and technical support 24/7 and are able to fix problems remotely. Network & WiFi intstallations..

Antenna repair & installation services

  • troubleshooting of poor TV reception
  • replacing old antennas
  • new antenna installations
  • TV antenna wall socket installation
  • troubleshooting and fixing issues with Foxtel; relocating outlets
  • running new or upgraded coax cables
  • power outlet installation

As of 2013, Australia has been switched over to digital TV broadcast. If you´re still using an older model TV without a built-in digital tuner, you´ll need to plug in either a set top box or a digital TV recorder to the TV in order to receive free-to-air digital broadcast.

There is no such thing as a ´digital antenna´, but an antenna tuning or replacing old antenna may be required to get a better digital reception. more about antenna services..

Audio Visual Installations & Electronics Repairs

We troubleshoot and repair all electronics such as amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers on the spot if possible. We have stopped repairing TVs as it is no longer practical to do so.

We connect all audio visual devices including

  • plasma, LED/LCD screens and projectors
  • home theatre centres, amplifiers, media centre PCs
  • setup of TV universal remote control

We install audio visuals including

  • extra TV antenna wall sockets
  • audio speaker wiring system
  • foxtel connection, moving and extension
  • power point installation

Industrial Electronics Repairs

laptop and apple

We specialise in electronic repairs for the industrial and commercial sector, including repairs to:

  • switch mode power supplies
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • inverters
  • rectifiers
  • automation controller module
  • industrial control equipment

Computer sale

Mini PC

Intel Dual Core 3.4Ghz CPU
SSD - up to 50 faster
then a hard drive !
Windows 7 or 10
Size 280x260x208
Computers for sale


TV antennas installed

VHF-UHF antenna, good for most Sydney Northern Beaches areas. Delivers better reception for its compact size then old large antennas. Optimized for digital TV signals. Made in Italy.
Antenna prices

Brief History

Established in 2004 by Dimitri Rytsk, Manly Electronics was first located in Manly and grew from a TV repair specialist to incorporating expertise in computer systems in its bid to meet the challenges of a changing electronics sector.

Founder Dimitri has a degree in electrical engineering and started out in the TV repair business in 1998. Dimitri is gifted with a deep understanding of electronic and computer systems and processes from the early days. Since 2005, he has been applying his specialist computer hardware and software knowledge and diversified into computer repairs, beginning in the commercial sector.

Today, Manly Electronics operates out of its Brookvale office and has served thousands of satisfied customers who can testify to the company´s commitment to excellent customer service and expertise in the field of electronics.


At Manly Electronics, our team of versatile technicans are highly skilled in resolving all computer-related and TV-related problems. Our mission is to offer sound advice and provide the best and most economical solution as quickly as possible, backed by personalised support and honest assessment of the issue. We take pride in finding you the simplest solutions so as to help you save time and money. These may involve offering slight repairs over the unnecessary replacement of parts, or even troubleshooting and providing IT support over the phone.

Whether it is a minor software issue or a serious technical fault, we aim to provide all our clients with the highest standard of work. We seek to expand our customer base in the domestic and commercial sector while maintaining a focus on service. With one technician in one visit, we´ll repair all your computers, TV antennas and resolve all technical issues in a cost-effective, timely manner.

Service Area

Manly Electronics offers computer repair and data recovery services at our office located in Brookvale, Northern Beaches. We also make home or office visits for on-site repair and service anywhere in Sydney City and serve locally in the Sydney Northern Beaches.


Our office is located on the first floor at 6 Cross St., Brookvale, opposite the Woolworths entrance to the Warringah Mall Shopping Centre. Our building is in-between the Dominie Educational Superstore and Rent A Space Self Storage near the Cross St. round-about.

On-site Parking

Parking is available for customers within the premises but the entrance is usually closed off by a boom gate. To enter, please notify us by giving us a quick call. Otherwise, you may ring the doorbell on the left-hand door to the office.