Data files recovery from PC or Mac, USB drives

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Cannot read files? Don't panic.

Turn off the computer and call us. We can recover even from just formatted USB stick, flash card or a USB backup drive. But opening a program or restarting the computer writes data to the disk, and your data could be overwritten and lost forever.

You do reduce the chances of data recovery to zero if you try to read from a faulty disk over and over again! When you insert a disk to a PC or Mac, the computer starts to read and write data immediately even without you clicking on the disk. A computer used for data recovery must be set to access the disk in reading mode only. The complexity of this operation is beyond the average computer user.

Do not use data recovery programs randomly found on the internet, particularly downloaded for free! Some of them are bogus or even infected with dangerous malware.

Data recovery Services

Manly Electronics provides data recovery and other IT services onsite in Sydney, North Shore and the Northern Beaches or at the shop at Brookvale. Same day data recovery if possible.

Data files recovery from hard disk drives

  • External hard drive recovery
  • Recover files from dead USB drives
  • Data files recovery from PC or Mac formatted backup drives
  • Deleted files recovery
  • Complete hard drive data recovery

Recover files from computers

  • Find and recover lost files
  • Deleted files recovery
  • File recovery from faulty PC / Mac desktop computers / laptops

Recovered files may include Documents, Pictures, Music, Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express email history, contacts, bookmarks etc.

Transfer files from computer to computer

  • Transfer data files from old to new computer, PC to Mac or Mac to PC
  • Transfer programs from one computer to another
  • Complete data and Windows migration from old to new pc

Data recovery from damaged flash memory drives

USB thumb drive, CF CompactFlash, SM Smart Media Card, Microdrive, SD card recovery, SDHC, miniSD, miniSDHC, microSD/TransFlash, MMC Multimedia Card, MMCplus, RS-MMC, MMCmobile, Memory Stick, xD (M-Type, H-Type) PictureCard, SF Card

Data recovery from Mobile Phones

We recover data from Android and iPhones phones: deleted messages, contacts, pictures, video, audio, other documents and files. Also, following data from iPhones, can be recovered: WhatsApp chat history, Notes, Call history, Calendars, Reminders, Safari bookmarks, iTunes music.

Cost of data recovery

Estimate cost of data recovery from hard drives by fault symptoms and chances of data recovery. Price of a new drive is not included

Hard drive sounds Detection in device manager Chances of successful data recovery.
Estimate time required to recover data
Continuous whining or hissing sound. When powering up a single click may present. Yes Good chances of recovery 100 percent of data. Immediate data recovery is possible within an hour if file names or folders are known.
Time: 5 minutes per 10Gb of data.
Min - max: (1Tb of data): $200
No Average chance. Some loss of data may occur.
Time: 15min per 10Gb, may require few days in total.
Min - max: (1Tb of data): $200 - $1500
High-pitched whining, Repeated clicking, tapping, grinding, beeping. Yes Some possibility of partial data recovery. Loss of data will occur.
Time: from 10 hours per 10GB of data. Required at least a day
Min: $200
No Loss of data will occur.
Time required: from a day
Min: $600
No sound at all. No obvious external physical damage. Regardless Time of getting spare parts and recovery data may vary from a week to months. Estimate price from a $800. Time: from 2 weeks.
No sound at all. Short circuit to the computer‘s power supply, shuts down the computer. Burning smell may present. No Hardware failure but some possibility of an easy fix. The time required for repairs and recovery from an hour. Price of data recovery starts from a $200 in total.

The cost of data recovery from Mobile Phones varies from $200 to $650. No data - no charge.

Manly Electronics provides data recovery service to the following areas in Sydney, North Shore, and the Northern Beaches:

Balgowlah Clontarf Fairlight Manly Seaforth Allambie Mosman Belrose Brookvale Collaroy Cromer Davidson Forestville Elanora Freshwater Killarney Heights Manly Vale Narrabeen Oxford Falls Queenscliff Terrey Hills Avalon Bayview Bilgola Plateau Church Point Clareville Elanora Ingleside Newport Mona Vale Palm Beach