Computer power supply faults

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Power supply failure simptoms

Power supply unit issues may cause various computer failure simptoms such as:

  • Not turning on PC
  • PC turns on but shuts down after few seconds
  • PC starts up to the login screen and then shuts down
  • PC getting stack on Windows icon
  • PC starts to the desktop ok but turns off after some time
  • PC is slow unresponsive or frozen
  • PC goes to blue screen intermittently
  • PC works fine until run programmes demanding power of the graphics card such as Photoshop or games

Nothing more frustrating then kicked out from the middle of the game or losing the document you just typed. Nevertheless all above may be caused by anything; the power supply is the second one to check. The price of the decent PC power supply is from $50. Macs are not an exception. Mac's power issues are harder to track, and parts are expensive. If any, but the memory, Mac hardware part fails - prepare to fork out $300 -$1200 at the Mac store. If you built PC yourself, you could find optimum power required by using Power Supply Calculator provided by Coolermaster (easy googled). Power supply quality makes a big difference. Even brand new but cheap PSU may cause problems intermittently.

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Power supply fault Case:

PC with the 850-watt power supply and Asus ROG Strix GeForce GTX 1080Ti gaming graphics card turns off indefinitely. PC was just six months old. 2-10 minutes into the game called PUBG (on Steam) Windows 10 shuts down with or without blue screen, every time with various errors. When graphics card removed (internal Intel GPU left) or replaced with different graphic card PC works fine throughout the game. Before blaming the hardware, I've clean boot Windows and tried different drivers first; original Asus, default Microsoft or NVidia oldest or latest, with or without additional Asus software (such as Aura RGB Lighting), AI suit etc. Nothing helped until replacing PSU. 650-watt Coolermaster done just right and for the half price of the original PSU.

Uninterruptible power supply - necessary or not?

If you value your computer or your work on it, I would recommend installing uninterruptible power supply or UPS. UPS is the must-have for any business. At the worst, rare but possible case of power failure, the computer system and all data on it lost unrecoverable. The UPS is a power converter completely isolating your computer from power greed. UPS it is a switch mode power supply with a backup battery. In case of power surge and power failure, UPS not only protects from distractive voltage spikes but also will hold power for up to 30 minutes giving you enough time to finish your work. Most UPS can even shut down computer automatically without your presence. The price depends on the size of the backup battery and the power it can hold. In most cases, you need at least 500 wats UPS for an office computer with a monitor. The cost of 500W UPS which can hold office computer for 10 minutes starts from a $100.

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