Computer parts

GTX1050TIVideo cards

Replacing video cards may fix pixelation, computer freezes, slow choppy moving images and gaming.

420watt computer power supplyPower supplies

Replacing power supplies may fix problems such as computer wont start, various intermittent issues.

pc memoryMemory

Replacing memory may fix problems such as computer wont start, crash, blue screen. Memory upgrade also will increase the speed of the computer.

samsung sandisk ssdSSD

Upgrading the hard drive to SSD will increase speed. Some computer functions such as starting a new program and loading data files will be up to 10 times faster.

hard drivesHard drives

New hard drives may fix slow to start computer and programs, freezing.

These are computer parts for services provided by Manly Electronics, such as on-site computer repairs. Prices show estimated cost GST inclusive. Parts are not for sale without the service.

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