PC parts, problems they repair and prices in Sydney

Computer partsproblems they may repair

420-watt Power supplyPower supplies

Replacing power supplies may fix problems such as intermittent issues and the computer won't start. PSU prices range from $40 to $900, depending on specifications like power and efficiency. The standard PC PSU size is ATX, though there are a few unusual sizes and additional pinouts for some brands, such as Dell and HP, as well as smaller SFX and TFX sizes for mini ITX, etc.

GTX 1050 TI Video cardGraphics cards

Replacing graphics card may fix pixelation, computer freezes, slow, choppy moving images and issues in games. Graphics card prices range from $50 to $4000, depending on performance. For an average home or office computer, it is within $200.

DDR3 DDR4 Memory sticksMemory

Replacing memory can fix problems such as the computer not starting, crashing, or displaying a blue screen. Memory upgrades can also increase the computer's speed. On average, prices are $50 for 8GB, but it could be higher for high-performance RAM.

Sandisk solid state driveSSD

Upgrading the hard drive to an SSD will increase speed. Starting a new program and loading data files can be ten times faster for some functions than on computers with HDDs. The price range is around $100 per 1TB SSD, which is more expensive for high-performance and reliable SSDs for business applications.

WD hard driveHard drives

New hard drives can fix slow computers with problems such as programs freezing. While HDDs are slow, they offer the best value for storing large amounts of data, such as videos and backups. Prices are around $60 per 1 TB of data.


These computer parts are for services Manly Electronics provides, including on-site computer repairs, and are usually available within two days. Prices are estimated and include GST. Parts are not sold separately from the service. You may find the exact parts for similar prices at most computer shops around Sydney CBD or the North Shore.