Hard drive prices for computer repairs


WD 1 terabyte 3.5 hard drive

SATA3 HDD Caviar Blue
drive speed 175 MB/s

WD 4 terabyte 3.5 hard drive

drive speed 175 MB/s
WD 10TB hard drive

WD Red 10TB hard drive for NAS and desktops


Hard drives present the lowest price per storage capacity, making them perfect for backups. Yet, in terms of performance, hard drives are inferior to solid-state drives. The above hard drives have an internal Data Transfer Speed of around 180Mb/s. And practical Random Seek Read Write is usually around 15Mb/s. That mechanical limitation presents a bottleneck with an external SATA6 Interface connection speed of 6Gb/s.

Comparison Solid State drives Data Transfer Speed start from 500Mb/s as well Random Seek Read Write achieving over 5000Mb/s for a modern SSD with NVMe interfaces.

updated 2023


This is a price reference for on-site services provided by Manly Electronics, such as computer repairs and data recovery. These hard drives are available when you call Manly Electronics for service. Prices show estimated cost for parts and materials GST inclusive. Drives are not for sale without the on-site service.