Data storage drives

SSD, hard and USB drives

Computer slow? Upgrading the internal HDD to an SSD significantly enhances computer speed, boosting performance by up to 10 times.

If your computer crashes frequently, performs slowly, or exhibits other signs of poor performance, it could be indicative of a failing hard drive. Upgrading to a new drive can help resolve these symptoms and improve overall computer functionality.

Symptoms of potential issues with USB drives may include intermittent connectivity, data transfer failures or errors, slow read/write speeds, unrecognised or unresponsive drive detection, and data corruption or loss. These symptoms can indicate problems with the USB drive itself or issues with the computer's USB port.


Drives are not for sale without the service. This is a stock price reference for on-site services, such as on-site computer repairs or data recovery. These drives are available when you call us for service. Prices show estimated cost for parts and materials GST inclusive. Drives are not for sale without data recovery or other IT service.