Computers and AV parts prices and reviews

These parts and products are supplied and installed when you call Manly Electronics for on-site service at Sydney Northern Beaches & Mosman. These products are not for sale without the service. Prices are GST inclusive.

computers and parts

PC desktop computer boxcomputers USB2 USB3 external backup hard drivesUSB drives linksys WiFi routers and modems WiFi extenders GTX1050TIVideo cards 420watt computer power supplyPower supplies pc memoryMemory samsung sandisk ssdSSD hard drivesHard drives

TV and AV

UHF VHF antennasantennas antenna amplifierantenna amplifiers HDMI leads cablesHDMI Leads sonos-speakersSonos speakers audio amplifiersAmplifiers coax rg6 cable reel whiteTV antenna cables