Sonos inputs specifications

Aux inputs comparison

All Sonos speakers stream music from internet services such as Spotify via WiFi. Some can also connect via network (Ethernet) cables and audio devices via Line in and digital optical inputs or HDMI. This table helps select the right speakers if you need to connect Sonos speakers to another sources such as TV, amplifiers, record players etc.

Sonos specifications
modelEthernetaux inputs and outputsSizePrice
Era 1000BT, mic, USB-C, battery,Line in with 3.5 Jack adapter ($35)183x120x130$399
Era 3000160x260x185$749
Roam0BT, mic, USB-C, battery168x62x60$299
Arc1mic, HDMI ARC87x1142x116$1499
Move0BT, USB-C, battery240x160x126$699
Move 20mic,BT, USB-C, battery,Line in with 3.5 Jack adapter ($35)241x160x127$799
Five1IN: Line in 3.5 Jack203x364x154$899
SUB Gen31389x402x158$1299
PORT2IN: analogue stereo RCA,
OUT: analogue stereo RCA, digital RCA.
This is the adapter for external amplifier, no speakers
AMP2IN: analogue stereo RCA,
OUT:Stereo 2x125 Watts on 8 Ohms speakers.
Amplifier only, no speakers
BOOSTWiFi extender only$149
OUT: Stereo RCA, optical, digital RCA
CONNECT AMP2IN: analogue stereo,
OUT: stereo 2 x 55 Watts on 8 Ohms speakers, mono for an active subwoofer

updated 2023. Information on this page is based on our best knowledge but may be outdated or contain errors. Please refer to the official Sonos website for the most accurate details.

Sonos and WiFi

Each Sonos speaker has WiFi 2.4Ghz connectivity. No dual-band (2.4 and 5GHz) is necessary. 5Ghz WiFi routers won't improve Sonos music quality. However, better WiFi may improve the delay between changing songs and other control functions. The second Ethernet port allows connecting other devices to the same network and Sonos. Ethernet cable is more reliable than WiFi. You can connect other devices to the internet, such as TV and Foxtel box, via Sonos or a third party network switch.

Volume control should be smooth across different locations around the house. Delays and inconsistency in controls usually indicate problems with the WiFi network or mobile devices where apps are installed, not Sonos.

Sonos versus audio amplifier

Conventional amplifiers usually have few analogue and digital inputs. Not so for Sonos. It may have only one aux input of each; analogue or digital. To combine two audio sources, you will need to use other amplifier or preamplifier.

sonos-surround-speaker-setFor example, to set Sonos as a stereo analogue amplifier, you need at least Sonos CONNECT + 2xPLAY speakers. That gives analogue stereo for $1007. And if you want to set Sonos to 5.1 for digital surround sound, the minimum set is PLAYBASE or PLAYBAR + SUB + 4x PLAY1 with a total of $2910.

Sonos versus Yamaha

yamaha-YHT-8940-surround-amp-speakersIn comparison, the Yamaha YHT-8940 Home Theatre system includes seven speakers plus a subwoofer, multi-room wireless and cost less than $2000. It has three digital inputs + HDMI inputs. And on top of controlling TV DVDs with your mobile phone, you can play Spotify on Yamaha via WiFi or Bluetooth.