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Home WiFi installation services

  • NBN modems and WiFi routers setup
  • WiFi range extenders installation
  • Internet connection speed troubleshooting
  • Solving Optus and Telstra internet problems
  • Sonos wifi setup
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Home WiFi price

The price of WiFi routers and access points for home is ranging $25-$500. The price depends on the variety of features, such as FTP server, DLNA media server etc. Most of these features are not used and causing issues with internet, WiFi reliability, security. WiFi reception quality is not proportional to the price of the router. For family homes, we use simple and reliable routers priced $50 - $150.

A WiFi router installation usually takes half an hour. But for multiroom houses, it may take hours to install few WiFi access points or extenders and make sure WiFi reception is perfect in every place where you need the internet.

WiFi Access Point via Router

What is the difference between WiFi Access Point and a Router? While they look the same Access Point creates or extends WiFi network only. Router managing how traffic delivered to devices connected to the network plus most routers create WiFi network as well. Some routers can be switched to the access point mode and some access points may provide router functionality such as DHCP. Confusion of these devices and misconfiguration is the common cause of the intermittent WiFi dropouts.

Public WiFi hotspot installations

We install trouble-free WiFi solutions for coffee shops, hotels, fitness centres. Free quotes. Seven days support.

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Public WiFi Hotspot features

  • Perfect WiFi reception everywhere
  • Custom WiFi login page of your brand.
  • Customers redirected to your business page after login. For example, in the caffe or restaurant it can be webpage with the menu.
  • Customers can login for free or pay for WiFi with Paypal, Visa or Facebook check-in.
  • Secure WiFi users isolation.
  • Simultaneous private and public WiFi networks
  • Facebook, Twitter and other social networks integration
  • Installation includes free administrator control app for Android or iPhone

Get more customers with Facebook WiFi

Use Facebook WiFi to let your customers check in on Facebook and use the web for free. When customers check in to use your WiFi, their friends can discover your business by seeing the story in their News Feed. After checking in, visitors offered to like your Page so you can continue to connect with them on Facebook.

Automatic WiFi channel configuration

The network will scan frequencies from each WiFi access point, and then it determines the best WiFi channel for the best WiFi speed and stability.

Solve WiFi networks problems quickly

In the network control tab you can see which access points down, so you know where to start troubleshooting.

Login page editor and authentication methods

Public WiFi control page has an easy login page editor. You can preview what login page will look like on laptops, tablets and phones. Also, you can edit the HTML code of the login page. There is also support for external RADIUS servers and externally hosted login pages, so you can integrate with dozens of popular services or build your own.

WiFi login password management

The Lobby Assistant page creates vouchers – unique WiFi login codes for your visitors. You can set up different expire time or download limit for each WiFi password. Also, you can block a user or a group by password or a device ID.

Some complete WiFi hotspot projects:

  • Woollahra Sailing Club - Indoor and outdoor public WiFi installation
  • Marina Resort, Nelson Bay - public WiFi points upgrade
  • Harbour Bar & Kitchen Darling Harbour - Indoor public WiFi spot
  • Whitewater Restaurant, Manly - public WiFi point installation
  • Bluewater Cafe, Manly - public WiFi point installation
  • Backpackers Buddy / Manly Internet Cafe - 13 Computers and public WiFi access point setup
  • Quality Hotel Bayside Geelong, Victoria - 55 rooms WiFi network installed

Manly Electronics installs WiFi for home and business in the following areas in Sydney Northern Beaches:

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