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Install WiFi at home

Struggling with inconsistent WiFi speeds despite having a mesh network? Experiencing instability with your NBN?

WiFi router

WiFi Tech Solutions

  • WiFi extender setup
  • Boosting WiFi speed
  • Advanced router installation
  • Resolving internet connectivity
  • Mesh WiFi system configuration
  • Fixing computer problems
  • EMF measurements

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Business and public WiFi installations

We install WiFi for small businesses and public spaces such as coffee shops, hotels, and fitness centres; consult on how to set up the WiFi network of the best quality for less.

Public WiFi features

Public WiFi networks provide additional features to enhance user experience and security compared to home WiFi.

Unifi wifi access point
  • Fast and reliable internet access across a wide area
  • Easy WiFi password management
  • Business web page or social media integration
  • Customizable WiFi log-in page
  • Secure isolation of users
  • Content filtering
  • Admin control apps to manage and monitor
  • Automatic WiFi channel configuration

Some complete public WiFi projects

  • Woollahra Sailing Club - Indoor and outdoor public WiFi installation.
  • Marina Resort, Nelson Bay - public WiFi points upgrade.
  • Harbour Bar & Kitchen Darling Harbour - Indoor public WiFi spot.
  • Whitewater Restaurant, Manly - public WiFi installation.
  • Bluewater Cafe, Manly - public WiFi point installation.
  • Backpackers Buddy / Manly Internet Cafe - 13 Computers and public WiFi access point setup.
  • Quality Hotel Bayside Geelong, Victoria - 55 rooms WiFi network installed.


Why is WiFi connected but no internet?

WiFi connects your device only to the router. Simplifying, the connection to the Internet is a chain of a computer, a WiFi router, a modem, and a service provider. If the computer is connected to a WiFi router but has no internet, the modem or the ISP is likely a problem.


  • Check the lights on the NBN modem. They should all be solid except for one light blinking. If the modem lights are off, call your internet provider, as they should replace the modem for free. The NBN modem could be damaged due to a lighting or power surge.
  • Check the cable between the router and the NBN modem. One typical mistake is connecting the modem to the router's LAN port. The modem should be connected to the WAN router port, usually marked red or blue. Mistakes are easy in new router installations or replacements.

Those are only a few reasons why the WiFi is not working.

WiFi router vs Access Point

While a WiFi access point and a router look the same, the access point only creates the WiFi network. The router can also create WiFi, but its primary role is to manage traffic to connected devices, including issuing IP addresses and handling DNS requests. Some routers may work as an access point, and some access points may provide router functionality. Misconfiguration of these devices is the common cause of intermittent WiFi dropouts.

Do I need a mesh or WiFi extender?

A mesh is a set of WiFi access points interconnected wirelessly. Usually, they form one WiFi network and have a seamless roaming feature. That way, there is no interruption when you walk from one room to another, for example, during a conference call.

A set of WiFi extenders can also be set up with the same WiFi network name. However, this would likely not have seamless roaming, and reception would be patchy. In other words, a WiFi mesh system is better if you want consistent WiFi speeds and want to move across the house while connected. To see if your WiFi extender or mesh supports seamless roaming, check specifications for IEEE 802.11k, IEEE 802.11r, and IEEE 802.11v standards.

WiFi internet and router prices

The total WiFi price = installation + router + ISP plan.

A home WiFi router installation usually takes half an hour. It may take hours to install access points or extenders in multi-room houses and ensure WiFi reception is perfect everywhere where fast internet is required. When WiFi is set right, it should not ever drop out.

The Internet plan price range in Australia is from $55 to over $100 per month and may include the price of a WiFi router.

Routers for home or office cost $30 to $500, more for mesh systems. It depends on the specifications and features, such as frequencies, speed, security standards, etc. Some optional features may cause WiFi dropouts or reduce security if misconfigured. WiFi quality is not automatically proportional to the router's price.

We use simple and reliable routers priced at $30 - $200 for family homes.

A complete list of routers offered with services.

Free call-out to The Northern Beaches Council area and North Shore NSW

WiFi installer does not charge for callout to the Northern Beaches Council area and North Shore NSW, including all suburbs from Mosman North Sydney and Manly to Palm Beach. WiFi installations can also be arranged in any Sydney or regional NSW locations.