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WiFi range extenders or access points

wifi range extender

Access points create new WiFi reception areas within a house. Stand along access points are suitable for a budget multi-room home WiFi network. Access points require ethernet cables. WiFi range extender, also called WiFi repeater, extends WiFi network within a house. WiFi extender has limitations - proximity to WiFi router, no more than two extenders in a chain, possible instability, dropouts of the WiFi connection.

WiFi internet over power adapters

internet over power adapter

Overpower adapters extend ethernet from the router to other rooms using power lines; no cables required.

Home WiFi routers

WiFi router

Simple routers are suitable for home or office internet. They provide a WiFi reception area within a house, typically no more than 15 meters radius on open space with up to 20 WiFi simultaneously connected devices.

Commercial WiFi access points and mesh

Open Mesh WiFi access point

WiFi and mesh networks with several access points are for office or public WiFi hotspot installations, wide reception area, 100s WiFi users at once, management, monetization and security features. However, a pure wireless WiFi mesh may not be effective in big houses with concrete walls.

Network switches

network switch

Network switches extend the number of ethernet ports available from the router. POE network switches also supply power to WiFi access and mesh points.

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