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home WiFi range extenders - access points


- Access points create new WiFi reception areas within a house. Access points are the best for the multi room home WiFi network. Access points require Ethernet cables.
- WiFi Range extenders, also called WiFi repeater, extends WiFi network within a house. Requirements and limitations: proximity to WiFi router, no more than two extenders in a chain, possible instability, dropouts of the WiFi connection.

WiFi over power extenders - access points


- Extends Ethernet from the router to other rooms using power lines, no ethernet cables required.

Home WiFi routers

tp-link WiFi W8980 router

- Good for home or office internet. WiFi reception area within a house, typically no more than 15 meters radius on open space with up to a 20 WiFi user devices at once.

Commercial WiFi access points


- Better for office or public WiFi hotspot installations, wide reception area, 100s WiFi users at once, management, monetization and security features.

Network switches


- Extends number of ethernet ports. POE network switches also supply power to WiFi access points.

Manly Electronics provides WiFi installations in Northern Beaches and Sydney North