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When TV reception is not satisfactory in the area and or there are many outlets in the house an antenna booster is required. The decision whether you need or not an antenna amplifier and what kind based on the data collected onsite, included signal strengths for all channel frequencies measured with DTV signal tester with the frequency scanner and CBER VBER values.

TV Antenna masthead amplifiers
modelgain dB
MHW43FS32-38/27-43VHF+UHFFM, LTE filters, Shielded$70
MHW35FS20-26/20-26VHF+UHFFM, LTE filters, Tilt, Shielded$65
MHW35F16-26/20-35VHF+UHFFM, LTE filters, Tilt$55
MHW25FS12-15/14-24VHF+UHFFM, LTE filters, Tilt, Shielded$60
MHW25FE12-15/14-25VHF/UHFFM, LTE filters, Tilt$50
MHW25F20-26/20-35VHF+UHFFM, LTE filters, Tilt$50
MDA15W10-15/6-15VHF/UHFLTE filter$45

Prices are without antenna power supplies

TV Antenna distribution amplifiers
modelgain dB
Kingray DW4220 - 40dBVHF+UHFshielded$180
Kingray DW3220 - 32dBVHF+UHFshielded$100

Distribution amps prices include power supplies.

What is the difference between masthead and distribution amplifiers?

The first one amplifiers the week signal from the antenna. The second one compensates signal loss on splitting to outlets in units and townhouses. Whether you need them or not and what type depends on the specific installation.