Antenna repairs and installations in Sydney Northern Beaches


TV Antenna Services

  • New digital antenna installations
  • Antenna repairs and upgrades
  • TV reception fixed anywhere in Sydney
  • TV antenna socket outlet repairs
  • Running new coax cables
  • Troubleshooting and fixing Foxtel
  • MATV Systems repaired by an electronics engineer

Antenna repairs and installations

Whether new installation or repairs only are required depends on the problem at the specific location and the TV. We troubleshoot the exact problem by testing TV signals at antenna socket outlets and on the roof. Often, the problem is inside the house; hence roof access and new antenna installation are not always needed.

Old analogue antennas receive digital TV stations just fine. However, if intermittent pixelation, breaking up of pictures, or sound happens, minor repairs, adjustment for digital reception is required.

Antenna repair price starts from $150. Antenna installation in new houses is from around $300, including parts and labour.

Weak TV reception locations

Thanks to digital TV technology, good reception is now possible anywhere in Sydney. But some locations at Sydney Northern Beaches present a challenge. Areas such as Bayview, Palm Beach, Church Point and along Mccarrs Creek Rd, north of Mona Vale, may require the best digital antenna parts and precise antenna orientation for the stable TV picture.

Foxtel Free to Air

Foxtel phasing out cable services and trasmiting free to air channels in 2023. Foxtel IQ4, IQ5 and Fox Now missing free to air channels or the error is displayed if the antenna is not working. Paid content streamed via the internet now. Some free to air still transmitted over Satellite. Regardless, you need to fix the antenna to watch all free to air with or without Foxtel. Manly Electronics can fix antennas integrating in existing Foxtel installations hence minimising costs.

Foxtel boxes difference

box typePayed channelsFree to AirRecord
IQ3CableCable3 at once
IQ4Cable or InternetCable or Antenna
IQ5InternetAntenna2 at once
Foxtel Nowno
Foxtel Go appNo

In other words you do not need cable starting from IQ4. If the IQ box is connected to WiFi you can disconnect the coaxial cable and even move it to a different room - paid channels should still work. Nevertheless you still need an antenna for free air channels.

Streaming HD requires at least 7Mbs internet speed. Although NBN and wireless are much faster, a small percentage of Australians are still on slow internet where satellite is required for Foxtel.

Watching Foxtel without a box

Most smart TVs now have the Foxtel Go app and if it does not you can get it on Google TV or Apple TV. Hence you do not need a Foxtel box unless you want to record. Some channels may be missing on the Foxtel app. All that is needed is an internet connection to TV and Foxtel login. You can set up to five TVs with Go app.

Switching Foxtel to free to air antenna

Have you disconnected Foxtel or moved to the new house but the free to air antenna is not working? We can fix it. There is no need to run new antenna cables. We can utilise Foxtel cables to get antenna signals through the house. Foxtel cables are the same RG6 type as TV antennas. New houses usually have coaxial cables running everywhere. But not all cables are used as you'd have to pay for a Foxtel box in each room. The tricky part is to sort out which cable is which, repair or install a new TV antenna if required, and feed free to air signal to the coax cables properly. It may take only an hour to fix, and you are all set to watch free to air channels.

The internet may come through the same coax cable as pay-TV. In some houses and strata units, Foxtel and free to air TV antenna signals run through the same cable by design. But more often, NBN comes through the telephone line and is not related to coax cabling. We'll make sure the internet or remaining pay-tv services are uninterrupted.

Switching over to digital TV

Australian TV switched over to digital in 2013. Old antennas should receive digital just fine. Antenna repairs are required only if TV channels are pixelated or missing.

To watch digital free-to-air TV broadcast, you'll need one of the following:

  • A TV with a digital tuner.
  • A digital set-top box
  • A digital DVD HDD Recorder
  • Optus Fetch
  • Foxtel IQ3-5 or Now
  • Telstra TV

Tuning TV or repairing antenna?

Find direction to your TV antenna transmitter tower, channels, frequencies at Sydney Northern Beaches

Antenna repairman makes free calls to Sydney Northern Beaches.

Sydney wide calls and service to other NSW locations also can be arranged. Technician is usually available for an inspection and quick repairs within 24 hours.