Digital TV channel frequencies in Sydney and antenna direction

TV channels and frequencies in Sydney Northern Beaches

The Channel column indicates the number you should enter in settings during manual tuning when the TV's auto-tune feature fails, typically due to antenna problems, which we can fix.

on TV guideTransmitterFrequencyChannel
21, 22, 23
24 News 24
Manly543.625 MHz30
Sydney226.5 MHz12
31 SBS Viceland
32 SBS Two
Bouddi613.5 Mhz40
Manly557.5 MHz32
Sydney184.5 MHz7
7 Seven
70 Seven HD
72 7 Two
73 7 Mate
74 7 food
Bouddi627.5 MHz42
Manly529.5 MHz28
Sydney177.5 MHz6
92 Gem
93,99 Go!
94 Life
95 Gem HD
Bouddi634.5 Mhz43
Manly564.5 MHz33
Sydney191.625 MHz8
10 10
1,15 10 HD
11 10 Peach
12 10 Bold
13 10 Shake
Bouddi641.5 Mhz44
Manly550.5 MHz31
Sydney219.5 MHz11

updated 2024

For example, the frequency numbers for ABC channels can be either 41, 30, or 12, depending on your location and antenna. For channel 7, the numbers are 42, 28, or 6, and so forth. Note that the frequency number is not the number on your remote control. Different TVs may assign different numbers during automated tuning, but usually, the remote numbers match those shown in the 'on TV guide' column.

If you find that a few channels are missing, there might be a problem with your antenna. Call us to fix it.

TV channel frequencies in Sydney

To simplify, the Sydney transmitter, in the table above, comprises three towers in North Sydney - Willoughby, Artamon, and Gore Hill. The North Sydney VHF signal covers the Sydney Metropolitan area, including Western Sydney and Royal National Park. Yet, an additional transmitter in Kings Cross operates on UHF.

TV guide channels and frequencies

The table shows that TV guide numbers and frequency channels do not correspond. This discrepancy is due to multiplexing, where multiple TV channels from the same broadcaster share a single frequency. When tuning, your TV automatically detects and adds all channels from that broadcaster. For instance, in Sydney, tuning to ABC's frequency of 226.5 MHz on channel 12 frequency grid will include all ABC channels 2, 20-24 on TV guide and remote. Since they are all on the same frequency, the reception quality is the same for those channels.

TV antenna direction in Northern Beaches

When installing a TV antenna in Northern Beaches, UHF antennas on hill slopes facing north and north of Bilgola Plateau and Avalon usually installed vertically and point to Bouddi. The TV transmitters in Manly or Sydney are horizontally polarized. However, some north-facing hill slopes as far as Manly Vale may also require an antenna facing north. The best type of antenna, hight, amplifier, direction,and channels vary based on the specific location and need to be determined experimentally with the precision of a meter and a few degrees.

Central Coast TV antennas

Other TV transmitters on the Central Coast work on UHF channels 28 to 48. Antenna direction, mast height, and whether you need an antenna amplifier depends on the specific location. Also, the number of outlets and the size of the house may affect installation specifications. Old VHF-UHF antennas or even indoor rabbit ears antennas may still work.

The rule for HD TV channels numbers

High Definition resolution channels numbers end with 0 except 10. HD Ten is on number 1. For example, to view ABC in 1080i high definition, press number 20 on a TV remote control, not 2, 2 is 576i standard-definition. To watch SBS push 30, not 3, and so forth. Old digital TVs, recorders and setup boxes may have HD channels not working or show a blank screen with the sound only.

4K / UHD resolution

There are no free-to-air 4K channels in Australia.

Most 4K content streamed via services such as YouTube, Premium Netflix, Apple TV. There is some 8K content on YouTube and Vimeo. When 4K and HD watched on 8K TV resolution is artificially upscaled.

Foxtel has Movies Ultra HD 400 channel and occasional sport events such as NRL FIA and Golf in 4K. It requires IQ4 or IQ5 box and at least 25MBs fast internet connection.

TV Transmitters for Sydney NB and Central Coast

Manly Electronics repairs and installs tv antennas in the following Sydney Northern Beaches suburbs and North Shore

Balgowlah, Clontarf, Fairlight, Manly, Seaforth, Allambie, Belrose, Brookvale, Collaroy, Cromer, Davidson, Forestville, Elanora, Freshwater, Killarney, Heights, Manly Vale, Narrabeen, North Balgowlah, North Manly, Oxford Falls, Queenscliff, Terrey Hills, Avalon, Bayview, Bilgola Plateau,church Point, Clareville, Elanora, Ingleside, Newport, North Narrabeen, Mona Vale, Palm Beach and Mosman, Neutral Bay, Cremorne, North Sydney, Hornsby.

Antenna service Sydney-wide and other NSW locations can also be arranged.