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Digital TV antennas price

This is the list of digital TV antennas we install within a day.

Digital TV antenna stock, updated 15 Feb 2024
TV Antenna descriptionVHF/UHF
Gain dB
front to back ratio dB
15 element UHF-VHF TV antenna Fracarro LP345MF700Fracarro LP345MF700 UHF-VHF antenna, 86x77cm, F connector. It has maximum VHF gain on ABC frequency and 5G and 4G LTE band interference filtering8.5/1022/30$50
16 element UHF-VHF TV antenna Fracarro LP345FFracarro LP345F UHF-VHF antenna has a marginally better gain and directional aperture. 86x115cm size, F connector9/1124/32
UHF TV antenna with 4G filtering Fracarro LP45F700Fracarro LP45F700 UHF antenna, 115x32cm, 5G and 4G LTE band interference filtering, F connector12.536
9 element  UHF-VHF compact tv antenna, V shape, screw and saddle connector Fracarro LPV345HVFracarro LPV345HV UHF-VHF antenna, compact 71x70x69cm size, V shape, screw and saddle connector requiring RG6 plug crimp tool9/11.524/32
Fracarro VHF antenna small size LP3FFracarro LP3F VHF antenna, compact 65x84cm size, F connector925

TV antenna specifications

Front-to-back ratio measures the antenna's ability to receive signals from the desired direction while rejecting signals from the opposite direction. A higher ratio implies better separating signals from interference.

Fracarro log-periodic multi-band antennas have a precision design and quality materials for a reasonable price. Years of experience proven these antennas deliver better reception of all TV channels than old large analogue antennas or similar design antennas made in China and sold in Australia. These antennas made explicitly for digital TV signals, hence the small size. Italian designed and made specifically for Australia. Suitable for all Sydney suburbs, including North Sydney, Northern Beaches from Manly to Palm Beach.

popular TV antennas

Here is the list of popular legacy antennas originally designed for analog TV. They may not be perfect in some week signal locations but still sold in Australia. These antenna still suitable for digital reception in medium to strong signal areas of Sydney Northern Beaches locations. If you see one on your roof upgrading it may fix issues such as pixelation, breaking up picture. Manly Electronics do not install them anymore.

Legacy antennas
TV Antenna descriptionGain dBfront to back ratio dBprice
SX43 UHF TV antenna for medium to weak signal areasUHF TV antenna 13dBSX431320$40
SX43 UHF TV antennaHigh gain UHF TV antenna 15dBSX911520$95
pa2 tv antennaPhased array UHF TV antennaPA211-13.516-21$77

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