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New desktop Computers for sale

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desktop pcCPU speedGPU speeddiskmemorypriceglass case
Office Intel PC143001Tb SSD16GB800budget desktop computer Antec case
i7 gaming, Nvidia4470090002050

All desktops listed above are built on MSI motherboards, ensuring performance and durability. Speeds are PassMark benchmark software marks.

Gaming PC desktop for sale

Offering a gaming desktop with one of the best graphics cards currently available, the GeForce RTX 4090, benchmark 38698, and the i7-14700KF Intel CPU, benchmark 53427. While the i9-14900K is faster, its 15% performance increase comes at a 50% higher cost, which isn't justifiable for gaming where the CPU's impact is less significant. Our price for i7 set $5300. The desktop components were selected in Dec 2023, and the competitiveness has not changed much in Apr 2024. We can purchase parts and assemble this desktop for you in a few days.

i7 Gaming PC
  • GeForce RTX4090
  • Intel i7-14700KF
  • MSI motherboard based on B760M
  • Thermaltake gaming case
  • SilverStone 1000W PSU
  • DDR5 2x16Gb memory

New Gaming PCs in shops review

The price of gaming PCs in Sydney varies significantly based on configuration, ranging from around $2000 to $6000. Although ready-made PCs can be found at lower prices, they are often more expensive for the same configuration compared to those assembled locally.

For example, a Dell i7-14700K PC with an RTX 2000, which has twice lower benchmark, cost around $4000. Brand-name PCs with high-end GPUs and faster i7 CPUs often exceed the cost of OEM parts by up to $500. An i7 CPU itself is about $230 more expensive than an i5, but brand PCs with an i7 can be $800 more expensive than their i5 counterparts of the same brand.

Therefore, you can save by either buying from a local computer technician or assembling a PC yourself. Custom-built PCs not only offer better value but also provide more flexibility in choosing components tailored to your needs.

New Desktop PCs review

Here are a few new desktop computers sold in Sydney shops in May 2024. For the comparison, similar configurations were selected. Benchmark CPU speeds are by PassMark.

modelCPU speeddiskmemoryprice
HP Slim S01-pF2011a i730812512 GB SSD16GB1297
Dell Inspiron Small i526695946
Len ThinkCentre neo 50q i311008256 GB SSD8GB749
Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO AMD w screen12560512 GB SSD999
Acer Aspire C27 w screen11008878
MSI Cubi 5 i311008799

To purchase the above PCs, simply Google the model. We offer complimentary purchasing and delivery when you opt for our services, such as data recovery or WiFi setup.