iPhone 4 antenna reception problems

This describes an issue known in early versions of iPhones, reception is not an issue anymore.


These google trends graph shows search volume relevant to iPhone reception

Computer World wrote in 2010: Just six days after the iPhone 4's launch, a pair of Maryland residents sued Apple and AT&T, alleging that the smartphone's defective antenna design drops calls and can't hold a strong signal; Consumer Reports said it couldn't recommend buying the phone and that its tests showed a hardware defect caused the phone to lose reception when held a certain way..'

Nowadays, poor or intermittent reception can be caused by unrelated phone factors such as incorrect network settings, SIM card issues, software-apps. From my experience, the iPhone typically delivers faster internet speeds with the same internet provider in comparison with cheaper Android phones. Although expensive flagship Android phones verified for the Australian market such as Samsung are faster than iPhones. The difference is subjective and depends on the internet provider. For example the maximum speed difference may be 100Mbs versus 150-200Mbs.

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