Samsung LED TV model UA55D8000 problems review

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1. Picture does not look good on DVD or other low def sources such as standard digital TV stations. It looks like a MPEG filter problem. It is especially visible in details in motion. The TV does not have noise filter settings. This problem was obvious to my trained eye and proximity to the unit (2meters). Other people did not notice the problem.

2. Big Pond WiFi could not be connected from the first go, rejected password, and lost connection intermittently. Replacing BigPond ADSL WiFi router with a standard one fixed this issue.

3. Big Pond app and others Samsung apps froze, showing the message: "connectivity problem". The WiFi connection tested well at that time.


Firmware update. Apparently, the firmware on the brand new Samsung UA55D8000 LED 3D Smart TV is outdated by four revisions.

Some apps still freeze after update occasionally, but not as severely.

4. Still, the same problem as before the update: can not sign-in to Big Pond movies via the BigPond Samsung app in Smart Hub. Shows "incorrect password". The Same password worked via PC or T-Box, of course. Free Big Pond movies via the same app streamed fine.

5. T-Box gives better resolution than the Samsung Big Pond app.

So, it's better just use the T-Box via HDMI for Big Pond movies and downloads.

6. YouTube Samsung app starts with most popular (stupid) clip every time you use it. Typing something in search is extremely difficult on the Samsung UA55D8000 remote control. It's better to use a PC.

7. DLNA streaming from Windows Media Player works intermittently. It's appearing and disappearing for no apparent reason. Movies do not play via Samsung UA55D8000, at least the mp4 format ones from a camera. I could view pictures via DNLA only. Client was not going to use this feature yet, so I did not bother to troubleshoot.

8. Connection speed of 3Mbs is not enough to watch Big Pond TV. Too far from the exchange I guess (Bayview). Big Pond app suggests 3.5 Mb/s at least. Fair enough. So why does Big Pond sell these packages at all? With an average ADSL speed of 6 Mb/s you cannot watch movies online on two T-Boxes simultaneously. Especially if you have other computers in the house downloading something (like torrents or automatic Microsoft updates).

Artificial 3D worked well. Unfortunately no 3D free to air TV programs are available at this time to test it.

Despite these issues, the HD picture on the UA55D8000 model is fantastic; vivid, very bright contrast.


You pay a lot for the latest technology, and it does not always work. It'd better wait until new features have been out for a while and all bugs fixed.

The only feature I liked was a Samsung news aggregation app displaying news as a running line under the picture.

After all, a TV is a TV. The computer is the computer. Why join them? Do you need to download and watch movies on the big screen? Put your computer near the TV, connect the PC to the TV via HDMI and run Windows Media Player on the PC. Or get a wireless (WiFi) network media player for $100 or so.

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