Samsung TV model UA55D8000 problems review

This article from 2011 pertains to an older model. Recent Samsung TVs appear to has fewer issues if any. Over the past ten years, Samsung TVs have established themselves as some of the top performers in the market.


  1. The image quality appears subpar on DVDs and other low-resolution sources like standard digital TV channels, possibly due to an MPEG filter issue. This problem is particularly noticeable in moving details. The TV lacks noise filter settings, and while the issue was evident to me, many may not notice it.
  2. Initially, the TV experienced difficulties connecting to BigPond WiFi, with issues like password rejection and intermittent connection loss. However, replacing the BigPond ADSL WiFi router with a third-party, such as Netgear or TP-Link, resolved these problems.
  3. The BigPond app and other Samsung apps on the TV experienced freezing, displaying a "connectivity problem" message. However, the WiFi connection appeared to be functioning properly at that moment.
  4. Signing in to BigPond movies via the BigPond Samsung app in Smart Hub is problematic, showing an "incorrect password" error. However, the same password works on a PC or T-Box, and free BigPond movies stream fine through the app.
  5. The YouTube Samsung app defaults to the most popular clip, and searching with the Samsung UA55D8000 remote control is challenging.
  6. DLNA streaming from Windows Media Player is inconsistent, with movies not playing on the TV, at least for mp4 format files from a camera. Images are viewable via DLNA, but further troubleshooting was not pursued.
  7. A 3 Mbps connection speed is insufficient for BigPond TV. The BigPond app recommends at least 3.5 Mbps. Watching movies online on two T-Boxes simultaneously is not possible with an average ADSL speed of 6 Mbps, especially with other devices downloading content.


  • Update the firmware, as the new Samsung UA55D8000 LED 3D Smart TV's firmware is outdated by four revisions. Even after updating, some apps might still freeze occasionally.
  • Issues with apps solved by using a PC or a streaming media player like Apple TV ($220) or Google Chromecast ($59).
  • T-Box offers better resolution compared to the Samsung BigPond app. Use Telstra T-Box (now called Telstra TV) via HDMI for BigPond movies and downloads.


The artificial 3D functionality works effectively in a simulated mode, but unfortunately, there are no 3D TV programs available. Nevertheless, the UA55D8000 model delivers outstanding HD picture quality, showcasing vibrant hues and striking contrasts.

The Samsung news aggregation app displaying news as a running line under the picture was a notable feature.

While the latest technology can be costly and not always flawless, it's advisable to wait until new features have been refined and bugs fixed.

Ultimately, a TV serves its purpose, as does a computer. To stream movies from the internet on a big screen, connect a computer to the TV via HDMI cable, or use a streaming media player.

July 2011, revised 2023 Tags: Audio VisualWiFi