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How to boost the WiFi range, boosters extenders and routers

Have you recently purchased a WiFi extender, hoping to boost the WiFi range, only to find the WiFi speed and reliability haven't really improved? Here are a few reasons why: All WiFi extenders, WiFi modems, and WiFi routers have almost the same WiFi range. That is because manufacturers of WiFi routers stick with the internationally […]

What is Mobile WiFi Modems ? Cheapest Mobile 3G-4G(LTE) data plans price comparison

People often confuse Mobile and WiFi wireless internet connections. As a result they pay twice where they could pay nothing all. Both WiFi and Mobile 3G - 4G are wireless technologies which transmit data over the air. But 3G - 4G connects directly to the internet while WiFi connects to your private home or business internet router […]

Samsung LED TV model UA55D8000 WiFi problems review

1. Picture does not look good on DVD or other low def sources such as standard digital TV stations. It looks like an mpeg filter problem. This is especially visible in details in motion. The TV does not have noise filter settings. This problem was obvious to my trained eye and close proximity to the […]