Google App error: You don’t have access to this service

G Workspace error description

This error message in some apps on Android and iPhones lacks specificity regarding the particular Google service, causing the issue. I encountered this error in the G WiFi app. But other apps may also trigger the same message if ‘Additional services without individual control’ are turned off by you or your IT support in G Workspace. Free Gmail accounts do not experience this error.

The error text:You don’t have access to this service. To request access, contact the administrator for your organisation’s Google services. If you’re a Google services administrator, you can turn on services.

google error you do not have access to this service
google error you do not have access to this service

Solution to the you don’t have access error

Search ‘Additional services’ in Google Workspace ( formerly G Suite) and select Additional Google Service.

additional services settings to fix Google WiFi
Additional Google Services location

At the top should be the line ‘Access to additional services without individual control’. Click Change.

additional services stops google wifi app
Access to additional services

Enabling the ‘OFF for everyone’ setting disables not only the Google WiFi app but also other products that require supplementary services. To ensure the proper functioning of the Google WiFi app, select ‘ON for everyone’, save the changes, and wait for a few minutes to propagate the new setting to user accounts.

enable Additional services

This occurs when new services are not yet fully deployed, and there is no user interface available for them. It took me four phone calls to support and several hours of chat to determine this.

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