How to fix computer WiFi and TV antenna

Repair or replace the Planet?

Sustainability & Honesty - the ethical and environmental implications of consumer electronics.

Troubleshooting TV

Experiencing issues with multiple TVs in your home at the same time? This often indicates a problem with your antenna. Diagnose and fix antenna connection problems.

Repair or buy laptop

Pros and cons of repairing a faulty laptop versus investing in a new one. Evaluate the cost of repairs, compare it to the price of a new device, and make an informed decision based on your needs and budget. Repair or buy a new laptop

Fix slow computers

Potential causes of a slow computer and explore various solutions, from DIY fixes to professional computer repair services. Read how to fix slow computers.

Free antivirus

Make use of the free Microsoft antivirus tool pre-installed on every Windows PC. Follow this step-by-step guide to run the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (MRT) and protect your computer from potential threats. Run an antivirus scan for free.

Repair a TV Antenna yourself

Identify and resolve common TV antenna booster power supply problems in apartments near Manly. Enhance your viewing experience and save money by optimising your signal performance with these helpful tips and solutions. How to repair a TV Antenna yourself.

Resolving the Windows error

Step-by-step guide how to resolve the Windows error 0xC0000035, which prevents the 'Homegroup Log' session from starting. Follow our troubleshooting tips to address the issue and restore your system's functionality. Resolve windows error 0xC0000035.

New Full HD TV blurry

Are you facing subpar picture quality on your HDTV? The issue might be easier to resolve. Learn how you can significantly improve your viewing experience without the costly upgrades. Why does the new Full HD TV not look good?

Google Workspace error

How to fix error messages that appear when trying to access Google services without the necessary permissions. G Suite error with Google WiFi app installed.

I helped to fix bug in Firefox 6

I discovered and reported a persistent bug in Firefox 6 that resulted in the deletion of bookmark tags, shedding light on an issue that expose potential security risks. Despite being marked as fixed, the problem persisted in later versions, highlighting concerns over unresolved bugs in the browser.

I found a bug in Chrome Dev

I reported slow internet upload speeds in Chrome Dev to the Chromium team. Bug fixed in Beta version on Jan 25. Adequate upload speeds are crucial for smooth browsing.