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Fix TV or antenna faults yourself, TV technician advice

How to tell whether you need to fix TV or antenna or something else? […]

Repair or buy new laptop

Before repairing a laptop, people often ask whether it is worth fixing. The price of laptop or other computer repairs may be in the hundreds. The price of a new laptop starts from $400 or even $300, so naturally, when the price of repairs exceeds $300, people tend to decide to buy a new laptop […]

How to boost the WiFi range, boosters extenders and routers

Have you recently purchased a WiFi extender, hoping to boost the WiFi range, only to find the WiFi speed and reliability haven't really improved? Here are a few reasons why: All WiFi extenders, WiFi modems, and WiFi routers have almost the same WiFi range. That is because manufacturers of WiFi routers stick with the internationally […]

What is a computer backup and how to backup files

A backup is a copy of data for the purpose of easy restoration if it is lost. Data is stored in files. Files are stored on the hard drive disk. The hard drive disk is installed on the computer. When people back up their computer, what they are actually doing is backing up contents of […]

How to Fix Slow Computer without a technician

The problem: Computer is slow. Windows is slow to start up and programs are slow to open. It should take less than a minute for any modern computer to start up. This usually leads people to think one of two things: a) This computer is getting old - time for a new one. b) If […]

What is Mobile WiFi Modems ? Cheapest Mobile 3G-4G(LTE) data plans price comparison

People often confuse Mobile and WiFi wireless internet connections. As a result they pay twice where they could pay nothing all. Both WiFi and Mobile 3G - 4G are wireless technologies which transmit data over the air. But 3G - 4G connects directly to the internet while WiFi connects to your private home or business internet router […]

How to run an antivirus scan for free, no need to download.

Before calling IT support you may wish to run an antivirus tool which is built into Windows. Microsoft's "coded name" for it is Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. You do not have to download any program. The free Microsoft antivirus tool is already installed on every Windows PC. This is not a full-blown antivirus but […]

How to repair a TV Antenna without an Antenna Installer

If after moving into a new apartment you find that the external TV antenna is not working, you may need an antenna booster power pack. An antenna booster power pack looks like a mobile phone or a laptop power adapter. It is connected to antenna and the main power outlets. Also, it is easy to […]

Resolve windows error – Session Homegroup Log failed to start with the following error: 0xC0000035

Solution: Go to Control Panel – Network and Sharing Center. Choose homegroup and sharing options and click ‘Leave the homegroup’. Why did this happen? You probably attempted to disable Microsoft Home Group by changing ‘Home network’ to ‘public network in the ‘Network and Sharing Center’. It is easy to assume that if you press on […]

Why new Full HD TV does not look good and how to fix this problem

The number, size and shape of pixels on Full HD screen optimized for maximum resolution 1920x1080. Ideally, incoming source should much the display’s native resolution. Upscaling splits source pixels unevenly. Standard definition is 720×576. 1920/720 = 2.66 … is not even. That is why standard definition DVD, Foxtel, Digital Free to Air does not look […]

How to speed up internet. Internet slow ? Just remove Skype toolbar!

Your Internet may be up to 300 times slower just because you have Firefox and Skype installed on your PC ….The current shipping version of the Skype Toolbar is one of the top crashers of Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13. To fix it you can unistall Skype Toolbar from Add remove programs in Control Panel or Open […]