How to repair a TV Antenna without an Antenna Installer

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If after moving into a new apartment you find that the external TV antenna is not working, you may need an antenna booster power pack.

An antenna booster power pack looks like a mobile phone or a laptop power adapter. It is connected to antenna and the main power outlets. Also, it is easy to get the antenna power pack confused with the antenna booster (antenna mast head amplifier). Antenna booster/amplifier is located on the antenna mast or inside the roof.

Very often, tenants take the antenna power pack with them when they move out. When this happens, the people who move into the apartment after them are stuck with an antenna that does not work.

A TV antenna installer may try to persuade you to buy a new antenna mounting, which often costs more than $500 when all you need is a new antenna booster power pack which you can buy from us for $30. That's far less than some antenna installers will try and get you to pay for the antenna mounting.

Even if you like to fix things yourself, installing an antenna booster power pack is best left to the professionals. This is because different antenna amplifiers require different types of powers packs. If the wrong power pack is chosen, the antenna booster could blow and the antenna could fail to work properly. If you do not know how to install antenna power packs, you should call someone who does. We also provide fast and accurate antenna repairs or installation services if you are located in the Sydney Northern Beaches area.

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