Watching TV and Antennas repairs

How to watch Free to air TV on the internet

You can now watch free to air TV programs online! You can use streaming devices such as an Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Optus Fetch, Foxtel box, tablet, mobile phone or a computer. You need to install a TV app and create an account to be able to watch. There are shortcuts available on some televisions that allow you to switch to an online broadcast of TV channels. You can also watch TV programs online in a web browser if you search for the show title.

How to repair a TV Antenna

You may need a power adapter for your TV antenna if it isn't working. The power adapter looks like a phone charger and helps you connect the antenna to the power. Sometimes, people move and leave with the power adapter and when you move into the new house, you may need to replace it. You can buy the power adapter from us for $25, but you may need help installing it. Read more how to repair a TV Antenna without an antenna installer.

Fix TV or antenna faults yourself

It is important to know whether the problem is with a TV or the aerial. Checking the antenna, TV remote and changing HDMI cables can help you make sure that the problem is with the antenna, not the TV. Read more how to troubleshoot a TV and antenna