questions about computers

How to Transfer Mac data to PC ? To transfer data from an old Mac to another Mac or a PC, start up the old Mac and hold down the T key

What is the best free antivirus ? There is a wide range of antivirus software available, with varying degrees of protection, functionality.

What is computer monitor resolution ? The most popular computer screen resolutions and refresh rates available.

What is the difference between Windows versions ? Windows editions have significant differences in terms of features available.

5G towers at Sydney Northern Beaches. There are over a dozen towers with 5G frequencies and significant output power. 5G towers are a recent addition to the mobile network infrastructure and increase the range and speed of wireless connections. Maximum levels of electromagnetic radiation in Australia are legally set to 10000 mW/m2 which is 10 times more than any other country.

Web hosting and domain ownership. This is an overview of the services offered by domain registrars and DNS hosting companies.

How to set up a WiFi extender. The WiFi range of most routers and extenders is limited to about 20 metres radius in open space.

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