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How to boost the Wi-Fi range, boosters extenders and routers

Have you recently purchased a Wi-Fi extender, hoping to boost the Wi-Fi range, only to find the Wi-Fi speed and reliability haven’t really improved? Here are a few reasons why: All Wi-Fi extenders, Wi-Fi modems, and Wi-Fi routers have almost the same Wi-Fi range. That is because manufacturers of Wi-Fi routers stick with the internationally […]

What is Mobile Wi-Fi Modems ? Cheapest Mobile 3G-4G(LTE) data plans price comparison

People often confuse Mobile and Wi-Fi wireless internet connections. As a result they pay twice where they could pay nothing all. Both Wi-Fi and Mobile 3G – 4G are wireless technologies which transmit data over the air. But 3G-4G connects directly to the internet while Wi-Fi connects to your private home or business internet router […]