Free, Fast, and Secure Adobe Reader Alternative – Google Chrome

A good alternative to Adobe Reader for reading PDF documents is the PDF viewer in the Google Chrome browser – which is not a well-documented feature. Though the PDF viewer has limited functionality in comparison to the full-blown Adobe Reader, it is more efficient than the original Adobe Reader. You can view, scroll, and search […]

What is a backup and how to backup files

A backup is a copy of data for the purpose of easy restoration if it is lost. Data is stored in files. Files are stored on the hard drive disk. The hard drive disk is installed on the computer. When people  back up their computer, what they are actually doing is backing up contents of […]

How to Fix Computer Problems without a technician

The problem: Computer is slow. Windows is slow to start up and programs are slow to open. It should take less than a minute for any modern computer to start up. This usually leads people to think one of two things: a) This computer is getting old – time for a new one. b) If […]

What is Mobile Wi-Fi Modems ? Cheapest Mobile 3G-4G(LTE) data plans price comparison

People often confuse Mobile and Wi-Fi wireless internet connections. As a result they pay twice where they could pay nothing all. Both Wi-Fi and Mobile 3G – 4G are wireless technologies which transmit data over the air. But 3G-4G connects directly to the internet while Wi-Fi connects to your private home or business internet router […]

How to run an antivirus scan for free, no need to download.

Before calling IT support you may wish to run an antivirus tool which is built into Windows. Microsoft’s “coded name” for it is Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. You do not have to download any program. The free Microsoft antivirus tool is already installed on every Windows PC. This is not a full-blown antivirus but […]

Thunderbolt via USB 3.0 – 2.0 backup drives

Although the theoretical speed of USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt interface should be 10 times faster than USB 2.0, its practical speed is limited by the physical hard drive and only marginally better. Often, manufacturers advertise theoretical interface transfer speed. For example, Apple calls it I/O Performance and LaCie calls it Interface Transfer Rate. Also manufacturers […]

Australians face web blackout if malware not removed

If sometimes find that you are unable to connect to the internet or to some websites, you might be affected by malware which changes the DNS settings on your computer. Even if your anti-virus tells you your computer is clean, you might still be affected. To check your computer for this specific DNS Changer malware […]

How to repair a TV Antenna without an Antenna Installer

If after moving into a new apartment you find that the external TV antenna is not working, you may need an antenna booster power pack. An antenna booster power pack looks like a mobile phone or laptop power pack. Also, it is easy to get the power pack confused with the antenna booster. Antenna boosters […]

Power Off computer or leave It On?

Why turn it OFF? Save Energy An average PC consumes 200 W of power while on – just like a light bulb. Let’s say electricity costs an average of 20 cents per KWh in Australia. By turning your computer off for 12 hours a night you would save 12 hours x 20 cents x 0.2 […]

Can you trust Firefox? Data loss bug in Firefox 6, bookmarks tags deleted.

Firefox 6 deletes bookmark tags. It took me some time to notice that I had been losing Firefox bookmarks tags. I reported the bug on August 26, 2011. ( The status of my report in Firefox Bugzilla (bug tracking site) is marked as verified and fixed (but the fix was not present in Firefox 7 […]